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Q&A with Sofia Sanchez de Betak

 Fabric speaks to Sofia Sanchez de Betak, the multi-hyphenate creative force behind Chufy. A seasoned traveller, Sofia has always sourced and collected clothing from destinations across the world. These travels lead her to create Chufy, a line launched in 2017, featuring ready-to-wear, and accessories, infusing high-quality fabrics in a wide colour palette of hand painted patterns. Chufy reflects a contemporary flair juxtaposed with traditional touches.

What inspired this collection?

This collection was inspired in Patagonia, a region located between Chile and Argentina, where I spent most of my summer and winter holidays, always surrounded by family and friends. As soon as someone mentions the word Patagonia, images of skiing alongside snow-capped Araucarias, mountain horseback riding safaris among Condors, and long summer picnics by Lake Traful come into mind. I ́m a lover of nature and the outdoors. I consider myself an old soul, so vacations had a feeling of connection in the old sense of the word, so pure and isolated from the rest of the world, that being present is the only possible outcome. Patagonia Forever is our first winter collection. We design a colour palette suitable for cold days. Our prints are easy to mix and match with each other. Our knits with intarsia or woven with geometric decorations are ideal to wear with fully print styles. Like dresses, jumpers, or turtleneck sets with baggy and comfortable pants. Skirts, puffed shoulders, and flowery ponchos are some of the items that stand out. We create a collection that allows freedom of movement. Being elegant and comfortable at the same time.


What role does colour play in the collection?

Colour is a very interesting element for me. I always seek to achieve contrast, by combining opposites. Like the Valdés print in beige and navy.  Also, we can find similar colour palettes between fabrics and prints. Resulting in an exciting combination of textures. For example, our Sofia Half Zip Knit Vest in Andino black with our Ciji Pants in Lacar Brown print.


How did you select the fabrics and names for items in this collection?

Every season we listen carefully to our customers and try to offer them what they are looking for. Some of them focus on buying textiles such as silk, while others only buy products from responsible sources such as organic cotton poplin. This season, we add warm and quality fabrics such as cotton corduroy, cotton twill, or in the case of knitted styles, merino wool.

Most of the names of the styles this season are proper names typical of this geographic region. Our prints pay tribute to some of the most important points in this area. Such as the Lanín Volcano, Lacar Lake, Torres del Paine National Park, or Lake Nahuel Huapi.