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tamaki niime scarves weaving japan

Organically grown cotton, vintage looms and one of a kind products are the embodiment of designer, Niime Tamaki’s brand. In 2006 the brand “Tamaki Niime” was established in Nishiwaki, Japan. This region is well known for the traditional Banshu-Ori technique that dates back to 1972. This technique is a singular process of dyeing, weaving and sewing the product. The beauty of Tamaki Niime is that no two garments are the same due to the weaving techniques and the naturally dyed colours of fabric added to the loom. 

Equipped with a rapier loom from the 1980’s and a shuttle loom from 1965, the garments feature unique characteristics expressed on the fabric. The shawls are produced on the rapier loom which can only weave 30-40 metres per day which is equal to approximately 20 shawls. The colour of weft is changed between every 3 to 4 shawls which ensures a variation as well as a difference in pattern across all shawls. In light of the current pandemic, Tamaki Niime produces their own line of masks under the name “Tamask”. Available in a wide range of hand dyed fabrics, keeping you safe in style!

tamaki niime scarves weaving japan

tamaki niime scarves weaving japan


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