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‘If you know, you know’ is certainly the vibe behind Swedish design duo Christoffer Brattin and Fredrik Johansson’s sneaker brand, Spalwart. But what if you don’t know? Well, you’re about to find out.

Spalwarts are as low-key as they come. They’re that friend you never hear from but you just know are killin’ it wherever they are. This might be best exhibited by their Instagram page that hasn’t been updated since 2015. Lazy? No, they’re just busy constructing the perfect shoe, worn by the likes of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market founder, Rei Kawakubo. 

The lack of social media presence adds to their overall philosophy - they don’t believe in spamming your feeds with promo’d content in an attempt to force your foot into the sneak. A rare but refreshing belief to hold in the current, oversaturated sneaker game. 

The Swedish label came to life in 2010 when Brattin and Johansson were visiting suppliers in Slovakia. While roaming an old, run-down building, the pair struck gold in the form of vintage shoe moulds and old-school machinery from the 1950s. Right then and there, the idea for the Spalwart sneaker was born. 

The goods secured that day in 2010 continue to inform their design choices and production processes. Each pair is manually finished using high quality materials to maintain that authentic, hand-crafted feeling. The result: Darn good sneakers that will last a lifetime. So now you know, why not explore our collection.


Cover Image: Vogue. HQ Images: Highsnobriety.


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